SpinWeb named a ROWE Certified Organization10.16.14

SpinWeb is an Indianapolis-based digital agency, specializing in enterprise website design & inbound marketing

(Indianapolis, IN - October 16, 2014) - SpinWeb, an Indianapolis-based digital agency, recently was named a ROWE Certified Organization by CultureRx.

ROWE stands for Results-Only Work Environment and is an innovative management style used by companies in the United States and the UK in which employees are evaluated strictly on performance, rather than merely maintaining a presence in an office or at a worksite.

According to SpinWeb President/CEO Michael Reynolds, “Our success is built on employees being passionate about their job, and we feel that ROWE is good fit with our culture. As long as people can deliver on their goals and meet agreed upon targets we’re happy, whether they do it here at the office or from another location is irrelevant. The important thing is they work in collaboration with others and that we are succeeding.”

SpinWeb has been enjoying the flexibility of being a ROWE since 2008.

Jody Thompson, who created ROWE along with CultureRx® partner Cali Ressler, says retaining talent is one of several benefits ROWE organizations experience. Increased productivity also stems from employees gaining greater clarity on expectations, goals and performance measures, then being “trusted as working adults to make the best decisions” on the best way to achieve successful outcomes.

“For many organizations, the real foundational issue is that people are often not doing the hard work of getting clear about goals and measures. It’s up to employees and managers to have a two-way dialogue about expected results, then have objective measures put against them,” says Thompson. “Once an employee has that understanding of what they have to deliver, along with clear performance measures, it’s up to each employee to make decisions about how to meet those expectations over time. A ROWE is equal amounts of autonomy and accountability – a work platform where competent adults thrive.”

As a ROWE Certified Organization, SpinWeb is formally recognized as adhering to the following standards:

• Every meeting is optional. Being accountable for delivering results is not.

About SpinWeb

SpinWeb is an Indianapolis-based digital agency that delivers web solutions and digital marketing for businesses and non-profits. SpinWeb has received national acclaim for excellence in design and innovation. Learn more about SpinWeb at www.spinweb.net.