Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of website design and marketing for hundreds of clients.



The digital marketing process begins with strategy. You meet with our Strategist to define business and marketing goals, buyer personas and target markets. Together we create a Blueprint, a comprehensive strategic plan that best fits your needs from a business and revenue perspective, while taking resources and budget into consideration. Once your team is satisfied with the Blueprint, our engagement begins.


Engagement Level

Depending on your needs, budget, and Blueprint, you’ll be on track for one of our engagement levels. We offer three engagement levels, which can be customized to fit your need. Foundations, Consulting, and Enterprise. Learn more about these levels...



Continual assessment is key throughout any engagement level. We monitor analytics and have an eye on bottom line results at all times. Your success is our success. We want to be your digital agency and partner for a long time to come.



Our website design process begins with strategic planning. You’ll meet with our Strategist to define big-picture business and marketing goals. We set priorities, organize content, and understand the buyer’s journey that your audience takes as they navigate your website. At the end of strategy, you will have a Blueprint for your website project, a comprehensive strategic plan for your website design, content, and functionality.



Once the Blueprint is approved, we create wireframes and a design comp for your review. This is always the most thrilling part of the process. Our Senior Designer works closely with you to get the right look and tone for your new website. This process involves various reviews, approvals, and close communication between you and our creative team. We begin with the Homepage to set style, image and branding standards, then move toward interior layouts. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, we build.



As the design is in progress, you will work with our Content Manager to organize content, shape the messaging and tone of your website copy, ensure keyword optimization and SEO, and define calls to action. Depending on your needs, we will either develop new website copy for you, or work with your team to migrate existing copy.



The hard part begins, because now you are excited about your new design & can’t wait to see the completed website. With the blueprint & design comps as our guide, the development team begins to create your website with the tools you selected. Our entire team works to add content, final design elements, review, & test your website for quality. Support schedules a training session to teach you how to use your new CMS.



After testing and review, we present your new website. Upon your approval, your website will be launched, promoted and optimized for search engines such as Google & Bing.


Generate Leads

A new website is just the beginning. A marketing plan is the next step to getting found and engaging with your audience. At any time during the website design process, we’re happy to discuss what a Digital Marketing engagement can do for your business.


Training Day

Once we have agreed that your project looks like a good fit for a custom development engagement, we schedule a Training Day.

At this meeting we walk through our development model, which is a sprint-based agile model. We review your business needs, operations, and all of the requested features and functionality of your app. Our development team will familiarize you with stories, points, prioritization, and other key components of working in Pivotal (our our agile project management software). You will have full access to your project’s stories and budget, so you always know what each sprint will cost. Learn more about the variables involved in scoping out costs for large-scale, complex development projects.

This can be a half day, up to a full day of planning, training, and in-depth conversations about the entire process and needs of your project.

Once you are satisfied and agree to begin the engagement, we set a start date based on our development schedule.


Weekly Standups

Once the project begins, we work in 2 week sprints. Each week, our team meets with you at a weekly standup. During this meeting we review the week’s progress, velocity, features completed, and status update. Our process is based on a flexible points system, so you can adjust as needed, re-prioritize, remove features or add features as you go.



The launch of your app or custom dev project is not as defined as, say, a website. The product can be released at any point determined by you, the client, and potentially updated every two weeks with more sprints. It all depends on your budget and particular needs.

At every weekly standup, you the client have access to the product to add data, tweak, and release. There is no final date where we “hand over the keys,” so to speak. The engagement ends when stories are complete, the product is viable, and you are satisfied.

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