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The Munciana Volleyball Club was formed in 1974 and has developed into one of the elite junior volleyball clubs in America.


Munciana's old website needed a major facelift. Like many organizations, they had a lot of information that they wanted to put on their homepage, which led to clutter and confusion. The old site was not mobile friendly, a major challenge considering their audience are young girls under 18 and their savvy parents.


The SpinWeb team went through the planning process with Munciana and really nailed down priorities. We eliminated the clutter, planned a tight sitemap, and created a streamline website that is easy to navigate.

Homepage and Navigation


As an elite sports club, Munciana wanted users to instantly feel that elite status the moment they arrived on the homepage. We chose to use a sleek off-canvas menu that performs well on mobile and looks clean on the desktop. Since Munciana has teams of girls 18 and under, much of their client base is on their phones, so it was important that this new site be responsive and mobile friendly. 

Munciana Volleyball New Website by SpinWeb
Beautiful Graphics

Munciana has upped their game when it comes to photography. They realized how important this was throughout the process and have now started requesting high resolution, large photography from players, coaches and parents. The results? They gave us beautiful images to work with. The website now tells their story through powerful, stunning photography.

Red line

Thought Leadership On Display

One major goal moving forward for Munciana is to establish themselves as a thought leader in the world of volleyball. They already are, but now they're harnessing the power of their website to make it a resourceful tool.

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