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Jay County Hospital has been meeting the healthcare needs of Portland and the surrounding areas for over a century; they’re dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality care, offering a full range of services including emergency, obstetrics, medical and surgical subspecialties, and oncology. They came to us seeking an updated and relevant website that would help users in a more interactive manner.


Jay County Hospital’s website was about a decade old, and it definitely reflected its age. It was static, and it was difficult to navigate. Valuable information was there, but it was buried in a way that made it tough for users to find. The site was comprehensive, but it was heavily laden with a lot of text that users found difficult to wade through. Additionally, many Jay County Hospital staff members wished to contribute to the site, but it was next to impossible for them to make updates. With their “wish list” in mind, we updated and modernized their website.


We wanted to put the ability to update back into the hands of the Jay County Hospital team. Additionally, we wanted the site to be scalable, so it could be easily viewed on desktop machines as well as mobile devices, enabling their users to utilize the website anywhere, anytime. While the old site was comprehensive, it was poorly organized, making it difficult for users to find the items they sought, particularly the Patient Forms. Jay County Hospital sponsors a number of community events, but the site didn’t advertise these events very effectively. We also recommended that they put a blog on the site, to give staff members a platform to share their knowledge and insight as well as to give users a reason to return to the site again and again. 

Jay County Hospital


We reorganized the navigation bar, making it easier for users to find what they seek. We also created a blog, where the staff can further educate members of the community throughout the year. 

Jay County Screens


The homepage is simplified and modernized, featuring gorgeous photography as well as a fully updated “Events” section in addition to a “Latest News” section, where patients can find the most recent news that pertains to the hospital.

Jay County Hospital Homepage


The “Physicians” page features photos of the doctors as well as a link to a separate page detailing the doctor’s biography and services, so patients will be better informed about their caregivers than ever before.

Jay County Hospital Physicians


The “Events” page is vibrant, featuring all of the wonderful events Jay County Hospital sponsors for the members of their community. These events are arranged in chronological order, and there are links on each event that lead to an information page, where users get all of the details for the event. 

Jay County Hospital Events


Every section is more detailed and better organized, making the site even more comprehensive and much easier to navigate than the site of the past. 

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