How to Manage Remote Marketing Teams1.6.17

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Remote working is becoming more popular as technology allows us to be productive anywhere. While remote teams can be very effective, there are some best practices that can help everyone collaborate more successfully. We'll discuss the tools, policies and guidelines used by successful remote marketing teams.

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How to Manage Remote Marketing Teams


  • You can hire from anywhere, which opens you up to a lot of talent.
  • It’s a valuable benefit to your team members, which can help you recruit better talent.


  • Slack for virtual communication
  • Zoom for meetings
  • Basecamp or Pivotal for cloud-based project management
  • Dropbox or Google Drive for file sharing
  • HubSpot for marketing automation and CRM

Best Practices

  • Set your office up virtually - laptops, cell phones, cloud-based tools
  • Know when to use the right medium - typing vs. talking
    • General information can be typed
    • Things that are more strategic, creative, emotional, problem-solving, etc. should be spoken
    • Things that are more personal should be done in video conference
  • Match the context for everyone.

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"Anyone who stops learning is old." - Henry Ford

"Don't look back you're not going that way." - Unknown

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