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  • What do you do?

    We design and develop professional websites for businesses and non-profits, we deliver effective inbound marketing solutions (which generate leads), and we create web/mobile apps.

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  • How long have you been in business?

    SpinWeb was founded in 1996. So... in "Internet years" we've got a lot of experience!

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  • How are you different?

    Great question! There are a few things that make us different:

    1. Great design. Our design work is very high-end, very modern, and very beautiful. A website from SpinWeb means your organization will look like a market leader.
    2. High level of control. Our clients are able to have complete control over their website content and online marketing tools. Marketing directors love us for this reason.
    3. Education and training. We include unlimited training for all of our clients both individually and via our resources, which means they get better at their online communications by working with us.
    4. Solid, measurable results. While other marketing agencies get hung up on Facebook likes, activites, and "looking busy," we measure specific and relevant metrics like website traffic, leads generating, and close rates. You know, stuff that matters to your business.
    5. Experience. We've been doing this for longer than just about any other agency you will talk to. This means that while others are still making mistakes and learning from experience, we're way past that. We're optimizing and improving our process so we can serve you even better.

    Another way you might notice that we're different is in our process. We have a unique way of ensuring that your project and/or campaign stays on time, on budget, and avoids surprises.

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    1. How much do you charge for your services?

      While it can vary a lot, we find that our professional website projects tend to start at around $15,000 while larger corporate or enterprise projects can be on a spectrum up to $75,000. For inbound marketing services we ask that organizations that are interested in a serious lead-generation strategy be prepared to invest $100,000/year in marketing.

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    2. What is your hourly rate?

      We do not have an hourly fee. All projects and campaigns are priced with a fixed fee. We plan our projects using a proven Blueprint process and marketing discovery process that ensure that there are no surprises and no ambiguous hourly fees.

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    3. How long does it take to build a website?

      Our process usually results in a finished website in five months, depending on the size of the project and the organization. However, there is no single answer because it all depends on our clients. If we get approval, content, and requested materials on time then the project is finished sooner. If there is a delay in any of these items then it will take longer.

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    4. What type of training and support are included when I work with SpinWeb?

      We offer three options for training and support.

      1. At our office (included in regular monthly fees)
      2. Via web meeting (included in regular monthly fees)
      3. At your location (additional fees incurred)

      Most of our clients choose to get training and support at our office or via phone/web meeting so there are no additional fees to worry about.

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    5. Can you work with any business?

      No. SpinWeb is not for everyone. We work best with organizations that are ready for change, ready to look like market leaders, and are not interested in worrying about the nuts and bolts of how a website works. We work with forward-thinking progressive organizations that are open to learning more about the benefits of online communications, and are ready to take control of the organization's website and produce fresh, effective content. We are not well-suited for businesses that want a "brochure site". We are also not well-suited for IT departments that want to get their hands dirty in website code. Marketing departments love us. If you feel that your organization is ready for an information hub, then you may be a good fit for SpinWeb.

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    6. How much of your business is working with non-profits?

      Typically, about 30% of our clients are in the non-profit sector, including our association clients.

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    7. How many projects have you completed?

      Since inception, SpinWeb has completed and launched over 1,000 websites and/or marketing campaigns.

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    8. Do you provide website hosting?

      Yes. All of our websites are developed and hosted on our CMS platform which includes both the CMS software and the cloud-based hosting.

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    9. Will my website be backed up on a regular basis?

      As long as your website is hosted on Accrisoft Freedom, components of the Freedom website are backed up daily (files and database). For site files, we would have backups of items currently on the site, and of items deleted from the site within the last 30 days or 7 revisions (whichever is shorter). For the database, we have dumps of the last seven daily dumps and the last three weekly dumps.

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    10. Can you help me generate leads with my website?

      Yes. We will work with you to create an inbound marketing strategy that attracts and converts customers and constituents.

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    11. How many people work at SpinWeb and who are they?

      Detailed information about our team can be found on the Our Team section of our website.

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    12. Can you provide me with some references?

      The best place to learn more about what we've done for others is to check out our work. You can easily find information on those companies and if you would like to reach out and talk to them, we're pretty sure they won't mind.

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