Busting the "I Want WordPress So I'm Not Locked In!" Myth1.27.17

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WordPress is extremely popular but is it all that it's cracked up to be? Join us as we destroy the notion that WordPress keeps you from being "locked in" to a proprietary CMS.

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Busting the "I Want WordPress So I'm Not Locked In!" Myth

  • Myth: If you build your website on WordPress you are not locked into a proprietary CMS. 
  • You are still locked in when using WordPress. 
  • Finding the right high-quality developers who are knowledgeable in WordPress is challenging. 
  • From a support standpoint: If you don’t have someone actively supporting your site you are more vulnerable to attacks. 
  • Even though it is free, be careful of what you use. For instance, a theme could have a backdoor built in which makes attacks easy. 
  • The more plugins you add the complexity you add which results in compatibility issues. 
  • Finding the right partner/agency will help guide you toward the right CMS. 
  • Developers are the ones who build what you are using, so you still are relying on them when you use those free tools. 
  • Think about who supports it, where it comes from, how it’s maintained. You are just as locked in using WordPress. It has become your proprietary CMS. 
  • We are not bashing WordPress, but it’s not good for every situation. 
  • Make sure you are considering the security standards for your line of business. 

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